About Andrés Domínguez

Andres Dominguez Guerrero was born the 23 March of 1947 in San Miguel, a neighbourhood of Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) with a rich tradition in flamenco.

From early age, he fascinates for the flamenco and its culture, specifically the flamenco guitar, developing a great career as professional guitar player. At the same time, he gets use with the wood knowledge, working as an employee in a local sawmill. In this stage of his life, arise the two main pillars in that he based his future career; first as a guitar player and then as a guitar builder.

He travelled to Seville where he meets the Manuel Ortega Sousa´s workshop. There he learns the work with noble woods and the making of Spanish guitars, inspired in design in Santos Hernandez work.

His natural gift and special skill with wood, together with his deep knowledge of the guitar as a professional player, makes, since then, he dedicates completely to the craft industry of guitars.

In 1971, he installs permanently his workshop in “The Artisans House” in the emblematic neighbourhood of Triana, Seville, where he works at present.

Andres Dominguez has participated with his guitars in many contests and exhibitions, national and International, winning in all the best recognitions. He has participated in the exhibition dedicated to “Antonio Torres and the Andalusian Guitar” in the Guitar festival of Cordoba 2007.


Procurador 15,
41010 - Seville - Spain.

+ 00 34 645 96 00 13 - 672 15 83 41



Custom Guitars Luthier

In the making of the guitar all the process is handmade, watching to the maximum the details which give a unique instrument and an extraordinary quality.



Arrangements and improvements Restorations

In his workshop, Andres has restored guitars of the most famous guitars builders: Antonio de Torres, Domingo Esteso, Santos Hernández, José y Manuel Ramírez, etc.



The sound of Andrés Domínguez Art Instrument

From there was born wonderful classics guitars and flamenco guitars for famous guitar players like Tomatito, Paco Cepero, Moraito Chico, Enrique de Melchor, Ricardo Miño, Quique Paredes, Paquito Fernández, etc.



The making

The quality of the instrument responds to the characteristics of the building materials: "Behind a high quality guitar there are always high quality materials".


  • The builder does not need to know how to play well, just by hearing a string in the air you already know the quality of the instrument and what is the possible defect if there is one. It happens like in mechanics, a mechanic does not have to be a great pilot to dominate his trade to perfection.

    Andrés Domínguez Guerrero
  • The builder must work very in parallel with the guitarist, because there are tensions and sounds that require a series of nuances that Andrés already knows when having played the guitar before beginning his magnificent profession to build them.

    Ricardo Miño




Do not hesitate to contact Andrés Domínguez directly, either in his workshop or by telephone, for any questions or queries, as well as for the purchase, restoration or execution personallizada of some guitar.